The common path to efficient and automated accounting of joint machines

Maschinenring Österreich & LACOS

In 2019, the Austrian machinery ring was looking for a solution to digitize machine rental and simplify complicated accounting. Initially, there were doubts about the feasibility, as the exact requirements were unclear. But through intensive collaboration between the LACOS project team and the Maschinenring evaluation team, requirements were specified, extensive testing was carried out over several years, and new functions such as "person recognition" were developed. Billing can now be done much faster and easier, thanks to automatic documentation using telematics hardware. In spring 2023, the partnership between the Austrian machinery ring and LACOS for the digitalization of billing was officially concluded.



First contact with MR on the subject of „biomass logistics”



Initial discussions on the topic of „Digitization of shared machines to simplify and automate billing” + collection of rough requirements the machine ring does not yet believe that it is possible



LACOS has to prove that the digitization of common machines is possible: first test installations on the following use cases: Tractor with slurry tanker, tractor with wooden crane truck, tractor with manure spreader.



the test evaluation is positive, the Maschinenring is convinced that LACOS Telematik can solve the billing problems, a further, more detailed specification of the requirements regarding person recognition and administration is carried out



Completion of the „person recognition“ feature, start of contract negotiations for equipping Maschinenring Austria with telematics for machines, attachments and persons to simplify machine rental and the billing of shared machines


Jan 2023

First publications of Maschinenring Austria in the magazine and on Youtube about the partnership: Digital accounting of joint machines – YouTube


since spring 2023

Completion of the „Administration and Rights Assignment“ feature, conclusion of the contract and announcement of the partnership, LACOS is the official partner for the digitalization of accounting at Maschinenring Austria


Why LACOS as your partner?

Benefit from the cooperation with LACOS as an experienced know-how provider for agricultural machinery software and management systems. Our specialties are Precision Farming, Telematics, Fieldplanning and Robotics & Automation. With LACOS you will reach your development goals faster and more cost-efficient.

After more than 30 years in the agricultural technology market, more than 200,000 licenses sold and experience with over 100 types of equipment, we are in a position to provide you with comprehensive advice on targeted further development, to jointly develop ideas and requirements and to successfully implement projects. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on the individual adaptation of developments to the special functions of your products and your specific requirements. Rely on LACOS and you will benefit from:

  1. Market launch of the latest features or displays within a very short period of time
  2. Unique position from the competition due to special software for your attachments
  3. Targeted combination of your and our know-how for the further development of your solutions and strategic product alignment
  4. Saving development time and development costs of your latest innovations

We are happily looking forward to hearing from you.

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