from simple Bluetooth beacon to comprehensive data logger for machines, attachments and people

Optimal telematics hardware for every agricultural application

With LACOS Telematics you get the optimal telematics hardware for every tractor and every implement. Our telematics hardware supports a wide range of agricultural applications and can be mounted on any implement ex works or simply as a retrofit solution. Whether simple implements or complex machines with ISOBUS, we will find the cost-efficient solution for you to access and process the important information. Digitize your products with LACOS Telematics.

  1. simple and cost-effective solution, both for original equipment and for retrofitting
  2. Hardware components for a wide range of machine types and applications
  3. Most of the logic for processing the information is located on hardware, which significantly reduces data volumes and saves costs
  4. High data security and data availability even in case of short-term power failure and missing GSM connection
  5. connection to various devices and networks through integrated Bluetooth and WLAN module


LC:TRACKER-active standard

The powered all-rounder for non-ISOBUS applications

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  • Standard telemetry unit with Bluetooth and WLAN module for use on key machines and implements
  • Main focus is the recording of an exact lane and the coupling with so-called BLE tags
  • The basic prerequisite is a permanent power supply to the box

LC:TRACKER-active battery

The universal telemetry unit for ISOBUS applications

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  • Battery-operated unit for determining the position of the machine at a given time
  • The main feature is the wireless installation and the transmission of a GPS position at specified times
  • Due to the integrated sensors, precise recording of operating times is possible; there is no lane recording
  • The main area of ??application is rental machines
  • Battery life up to 5 years

LC:TRACKER-active isobus

The universal telemetry unit for ISOBUS applications

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  • is mainly used as a data logger on the ISOBUS and enables the processing of special ISOBUS DDIs
  • Provision, dispatch and processing of previously unavailable machine information

LC:TRACKER-active recharge

The all-rounder for NON-ISOBUS in battery mode

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  • Battery-powered unit based on the LC:TRACKER-active standard
  • Regular control of the battery charge level as well as recharging necessary

LC:TRACKER-passive standard

The data logger for integrating simple attachments

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  • BLE tag enables connection to active telemetry units, guaranteeing a cost-effective variant of lane recording for simple implements
  • Condition is the combination with an active telemetry unit from the product line LC:TRACKER-active
  • guaranteed operating time min. 5 years

LC:TRACKER-passive person

The simple data logger for person identification

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  • BLE tag for person identification
  • Condition is the combination with an active telemetry unit from the product line LC:TRACKER-active
  • this guarantees an exact assignment of machine to person and thus forms the basis for a work record and a basis for invoicing

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