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As a manufacturer of resource-saving and efficient implements, the optimal work process and the best work result are your top priorities. Especially through digital technologies in the areas of software and hardware, you can achieve these goals sustainably. Benefit from the cooperation with LACOS and continue the further development of your machines.

  1. Optimize the work result of your implements through individual functionalities tailored to your machine type.
  2. Achieve highest resource efficiency through optimized work processes and highest working accuracy
  3. Reduce your after-sales costs through improved service and support structures
  4. Ensure highest customer satisfaction through best operating comfort and full use of the functional range

With LACOS as an experienced know-how provider in the fields of precision farming, telematics, field planning and robotics & automation, you not only receive state-of-the-art software and hardware, but also comprehensive process support from the initial consultation, development of ideas and requirements, through implementation to quality control and support. The focus is on your implements and the components are adapted to your attachment and the individual applications.

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Benefit from our many years of experience and innovative strength

Precision Farming

Future-proof precision farming technology to optimize your implements

The focus of agricultural technology is increasingly on the optimal and, above all, efficient work process. In this context, precision farming technologies are continuously gaining in importance. These technologies enable the highest levels of efficiency and also make it easier for the driver to operate increasingly complex equipment. LACOS has many years of proven precision farming software and extensive experience with over 100 types of equipment. Our main focus is on individual adaptation to your specific machines and applications in order to achieve maximum efficiency and provide optimum support for your implements. In doing so, we offer flexible solutions and high usability thanks to modern UI design.

  1. innovative and comprehensive precision farming functions for any ISOBUS display or as a complete package with the ANEDO display L10i
  2. highest possible ISO 11783 compatibility & conformity due to years of experience in practical use
  3. consulting, selection and adaptation of the functional range to your implements and applications
  4. user-centered design and 3D models of your implements
  5. automated tests for stable and safe application and fast implementation of new functions
  6. manufacturer-independent compatibility between your implements and tractors

Our precision farming solutions for implements


Flexible complete telematics system for digitizing your implements

Upgrade your implements with our flexible telematics solution for automatic documentation. LACOS Telematics offers you powerful telematics hardware combined with intelligent analysis software for each implement. This holistic package contributes to the further development of your machines while optimizing your service and support. Whether it's simple implements or complex machines with ISOBUS, we offer you a cost-effective solution to collect and process relevant information.

  1. simple and cost-effective telematics complete package consisting of hardware, evaluation software and data connection
  2. hardware adaptable to your requirements for each machine type (ISOBUS, CANBUS, Non-ISOBUS)
  3. analysis tool adapted to your applications including branding and detailed data analysis (working, standing, transport times, etc. ...)
  4. maintenance intervals to support your service
  5. precise vehicle location and theft protection by geofencing

Our telematics products for implement manufacturers


Intelligent path planning algorithms to increase the efficiency of your implements

Thanks to precision farming, significant progress has already been made to substantially increase the efficiency of agricultural measures. Nevertheless, there is still a high potential for improvement. In this context, LACOS has been committed to the further development of precision farming for several years. We see the crucial answer to increased resource efficiency in field operations in the optimization of field routes. Our lane planning solutions offer a wide range of options to optimize and improve tillage.

Precise lane planning allows agricultural machinery to follow optimal routes to avoid overlaps while effectively tilling the entire field. This further reduces valuable production inputs such as fuel, seed, pesticides or fertilizers, and contributes to soil vitality by reducing overruns. Lane planning maximizes productivity, minimizes inputs and ultimately increases profitability for farmers. Lane planning is the key tool for realizing the full potential of cropland and grassland and maximizing the precision farming effects of implements.

  1. Wide range of planning algorithms to describe the optimal field route
  2. Implementation as a web application for pre-planning or as a display application for just-in-time planning in the field
  3. Use for a wide range of brands and machine types
  4. Consideration of specific vehicle and machine geometries during planning
  5. AB lanes, contours, headlands, transfer lanes, turns, field entrances and exits

Our fieldplanning products for implement manufacturers

Robotics & Automation

Innovative robotics and automation solution for the development of highly automated implements

Automation is the key to sustainable and at the same time efficient land management. LACOS therefore focuses on the automation and optimization of implements for optimal work results by means of precise mission planning and implement control as well as the automatic documentation and monitoring of such machines. We can therefore provide you with comprehensive advice regarding the requirements for intelligent implements and compatibility with autonomous tractors. Our common goal is to develop your highly efficient intelligent implement for future-proof land management based on individual high-precision control of the work process.

  1. Automation for autonomous tractors and intelligent implements from field entry to field exit.
  2. import, processing and execution of a pre-planned mission for autonomous tractors
  3. High-precision control of intelligent implements using ISOBUS-based precision farming technologies (SC, VRA, ME)
  4. Mission planning including route optimization and action planning of all relevant parameters (e.g. speeds, other setpoints) for open field scenarios
  5. Hardware, analysis tool and app for monitoring field robotics thanks to automatic machine data recording

Our Robotics & Automation products for implement manufacturers

Why LACOS as your partner?

Benefit from the cooperation with LACOS as an experienced know-how provider for agricultural machinery software and management systems. Our specialties are Precision Farming, Telematics, Fieldplanning and Robotics & Automation. With LACOS you will reach your development goals faster and more cost-efficient.

After more than 30 years in the agricultural technology market, more than 200,000 licenses sold and experience with over 100 types of equipment, we are in a position to provide you with comprehensive advice on targeted further development, to jointly develop ideas and requirements and to successfully implement projects. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on the individual adaptation of developments to the special functions of your products and your specific requirements. Rely on LACOS and you will benefit from:

  1. Market launch of the latest features or displays within a very short period of time
  2. Unique position from the competition due to special software for your attachments
  3. Targeted combination of your and our know-how for the further development of your solutions and strategic product alignment
  4. Saving development time and development costs of your latest innovations

Joint success

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This is what our customers say about it

Anedo GmbH
Fredo Harms, Geschäftsführer

„Unser gemeinsamer Anknüpfungspunkt in der Zusammenarbeit findet sich im ISOBUS und das bereits seit mehr als zehn Jahren. Hier vereinen sich die Kompetenzen des Einzelnen zu neuen Produkten. Erst das intelligenter GPS-Know How im Zusammenspiel mit den hochentwickelten mathematischen Algorithmen von LACOS, macht unsere ISOBUS-Terminals zu hochwertigen Lösungen im Bereich der Software-Funktionalitäten des "Precision Farming", wie beispielsweise Parallel Tracking (Parallelfahren), Autosteer (automatisches Lenken), Section Control (Teilflächenspezifische Feldbearbeitung) etc.. Die Anwender - Landwirte, Lohnunternehmer, Traktoristen - finden diese gemeinsamen Lösungen z.B. in Endprodukten, wie den CCI-Terminals CCI50, CCI100, CCI200, aber auch in unserer neuen ISOBUS Terminal-Generation T35i und T50i, die zahlreich in Systemen der mechanischen Unkrautbekämpfung zur Reihenerkennung oder in vollautomatischen Lenksystemen ihren Einsatz haben. Entdecken Sie mehr unter: Kundenlösungen

OSB connagtive
Dr. Matthias Rothmund, Geschäftsführer

„Das Team von OSB connagtive hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung in ISOBUS-Software; das LACOS-Team ebenso lange Erfahrung in Precision Farming-Anwendungen. Gemeinsam schaffen wir optimal integrierte Elektronik- und Softwarelösungen für die mobile Landtechnik. Deshalb sind wir Partner!“

Novag SAS
Ramzi Frikha, Geschäftsführer

"Ich glaube, dass wir mit dem LACOS-Team gleichgesinnte Menschen gefunden haben, die sich wirklich für Ihr Produkt begeistern und einsetzen. Wir schätzen die Qualität des Supports und das Fachwissen rund um das Thema Landtechnik. Direktsaat-Landwirte brauchen anspruchsvollere Steuerungssysteme. Unsere allerersten Maschinen waren bereits mit unserem IntelliForcePlus-System zur Automatisierung der Sätiefe ausgestattet.  Unsere erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit LACOS hat zu einer weiteren Besonderheit für unsere Sämaschinenreihe geführt, dem sogenannten IntelliRatePlus-System, das die lang erwarteten Funktionen für die Precision Agriculture-Saatgutausbringung bietet. Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass unsere Kunden diese neuen ‘Soil’utions mögen werden. Wir haben große Projekte in unserer Produkt-Roadmap und freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit mit LACOS."

Combined Powers / Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH & Co. KG
Alexander Grever, Teamleiter Elektronik

„Die Missions- und Bewegungsplanung ist ein Grundbaustein, um landwirtschaftliche Roboter dazu zu befähigen, effiziente und hochautomatisierte Arbeitsprozesse im Feld bereitzustellen. Gemeinsam mit LACOS arbeitet Combined Powers an neuartigen Algorithmen und prozessspezifischen Optimierungs- und Fahrstrategien, um effiziente und nachhaltige Robotereinsätze unter Berücksichtigung agronomischer Anforderungen zu realisieren und hinsichtlich Perfomance Indikatoren wie Kosten-, Zeit- und Energieaufwände zu optimieren.“

Combined Powers / Lemken GmbH & Co. KG
Dominik Schoof

„Zur Breitstellung hochautomatisierter landwirtschaftlicher Arbeitsprozesse, ist die vorausgeplante, prozessspezifische Abstimmung von Fahrtbewegung und der Bewegung des Arbeitsgeräts notwendig. Die Zusammenarbeit von LACOS und Combined Powers auf diesem Gebiet ermöglicht es uns, Prozesse agronomisch korrekt und effizient abzubilden.“

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