easy and uncomplicated evaluation of machine and person working time via Bluetooth

Telematics personal identification

Bluetooth-supported person recognition during work with agricultural machinery enables the precise assignment of persons to the respective machines. This opens up the possibility for extremely detailed evaluation and analysis of the work processes. Person recognition can be carried out both by means of special hardware, e.g. for the key ring, and via cell phone app. With automatic person recognition, it is always clear which person is currently working with which machine. Thanks to the extensive evaluation, workflows can be optimized on the basis of the knowledge gained and efficiency increased, e.g. in service.

  1. uncomplicated person recognition as hardware (BLE beacon) or mobile application (Android app) realizable
  2. highly accurate tracking of person-related machine working time (when was who on which machine?)
  3. the mobile app additionally offers the possibility to send alarm messages as well as information texts

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