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Combine precision farming with intelligent Field Planning

With our solution for automatic Track Planning we offer you a versatile portfolio around the functions for precalculation and optimization of tracks and field elements up to the optimized calculation of a complete field processing strategy. The ensuing results, such as optimal tracks, created geo-objects and comprehensive strategies, can be transferred to your displays and steering systems without losses in order to improve the positioning of your machines in the field of precision farming.

  • Platform-independent solution for easy pre-planning, saving and using of individual track sets
  • Consideration of specific vehicle and machine geometries in planning and configuration
  • Wireless and uncomplicated data transfer of the track sets used to several machines
  • Export of the created data into various formats for subsequent further processing
  • Individual expansion and exact visualization of special functions of special machines

Fieldplanning in agricultural engineering

Optimised processing strategies for agricultural machinery and robotics

Features and functions

Intelligent modules combined into a comprehensive solution

Path planning

Optimally planned paths taking into account a wide range of attributes, such as processing modes or machine widths

Path planning

The paths for the main field can be planned with the Parallel and Contour modes. The entered working width of the machine is used. The program calculates the paths parallel to field boundary segments and suggests the best solutions.

For each scenario, statistical data such as number of paths, path length and number of turns are calculated in order to additionally estimate and compare the quality of the solution.

Headland planning

Simple pre-planning of the work in the headland without much effort already in the office

Headland planning

With this solution, work in the headland can already be pre-planned in the office on the basis of a field boundary. Previously, a driver had to laboriously record the lanes on the terminal of his steering system on site. Now, planning is done directly on the PC by clicking on the respective segments of the field boundary. With the working width entered, the headland zones are automatically generated. Gaps at unusual edges are thus no longer a problem, unlike with the guidance system.

In addition to the headland zones, the associated guidance tracks are also generated. These are generated on the basis of entered working widths. This allows the operator to conveniently use his automatic steering system even when working in the headland.

Processing sequence

Consideration of different processing sequences of main areas, headlands and islands

Processing sequence

The solution also supports different processing sequences of main areas, headlands and island bypasses. Different track systems are possible for the main area, including sequential, "piercing", "from outside to inside", and skipping tracks according to specific patterns. In this way, an optimal sequence of the various field sections and tramlines can first be simulated and then the can be specified to the machine.

Furthermore, the matching of the tramlines of successive vehicles with different working widths is supported. The different tramline systems can be planned in parallel and exported individually for each machine...

System integration and cross-platform

Platform-independent software solution fully integrable into existing application systems according to individual requirements


Automatic Path Planning is a cross-platform application which can be fully integrated into your existing system according to individual requirements. A highly portable functional core combined with a flexible GUI allows the software to be integrated on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • WebServer
  • Linux
  • Android + iOS

In addition, we offer our customers a PC demonstration and development environment for joint development and system integration. This allows us to guarantee faster development times with simultaneous on-site testing directly at the customer's site. In addition, integrated analysis and update tools guarantee rapid prototype development and provide the basis for downstream integration into the desired target platform.


"FarmInfo" with "GeoTrax" path planning module

The path planning module has been directly integrated into FMIS "FarmInfo". With this, in addition to the cultivation planning and application maps, path planning can also be carried out for the corresponding fields. The transfer to the machine takes place either by USB stick or by radio. Among others, displays of the companies Trimble, Topcon are supported.

"365FarmNet" with "FieldPlanner" path planning module

The path planning module was integrated by LACOS into the 365FarmNet platform as a 3rd party plugin with its own interface. Among other things, it relies on the LACOS-hosted WebService with REST interface. The customer can thus plan paths for his fields in this platform and use them in his CLAAS "S10" displays as well as in any other display with ISO-XML support.

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With LACOS you get almost 30 years of intensive experience in the field of software-based machine control and information processing. Our experienced developers work daily on optimizing and expanding our solutions in the field of precision farming. Driven by innovation, creativity and customer requirements, we are constantly discovering new ways of adapting agricultural technology even better to the wishes and needs of the user. In-house developed algorithms and development structures, in-depth analyses as well as state-of-the-art tools and standards are applied here.

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