Intuitive and fast fieldeplanning on the machine display for an efficient processing strategy

Fieldplanning display application

The Fieldplanning Display solution provides you with an extremely user-friendly tool that allows your customers to plan lanes intuitively and quickly. This tool enables every driver to develop an extremely efficient strategy for working the areas in just a few steps. Even without extensive training, even untrained personnel can perform field tasks with a high level of professionalism within a very short time thanks to the Fieldplanning Display solution. This greatly simplifies and optimizes field cultivation with your machines, saving valuable resources in the form of time, manpower and energy.

  1. intuitive and simple display assistant for planning an optimized route
  2. Can be handled without extensive instruction even by untrained personnel
  3. Planning of headlands, AB-straights and contour tracks up to the complete field cultivation strategy
  4. Selection from various planning results based on meaningful illustrations and parameters
  5. Can be used for a wide range of machine types to further optimize the work process
  6. Enables semi-automated processing based on the planning result to reduce the operator's workload


Planning of headlands, AB straights and contour lanes

using the imported field boundary

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With the help of the intuitive wizard for the machine display, either individual tracks or complete headlands and track sets can be planned step by step for the infield. It is possible to plan AB straights or contour tracks oriented to the headland or field boundary. The only requirement for fast planning is the previously recorded or imported field boundary.

Visualization of the planning results

on the basis of meaningful illustrations and comparable statistics

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Based on the criteria selected by the operator for planning, various route results are generated. These are displayed by means of a meaningful illustration and can be easily compared at a glance on the basis of the criteria „total track length“ and „number of turns“. Thanks to the simple and clear handling, the operator quickly finds the right route for the field work at hand and can start working.

Planning of the overall field strategy incl. turns

as a basis for semi-automatic processing

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In addition to planning individual tracks and track sets, it is also possible to plan an overall field strategy. For this, the individual tracks are automatically connected by turns. The overall field strategy is particularly helpful for inexperienced operators and ensures optimum turns at the headland. This enables semi-automatic processing of the field.

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