Weather forecast – regional. Compact. Forward-looking.


Use weather information in a targeted way – the possibilities of the modern recording, analysis and evaluation of weather data are becoming increasingly more complex. Compact, solar-powered monitoring stations reliably record diverse information in a variety of application areas.

LACOS offers individually tailored packages of hardware and software to meet various requirements, especially for the ecological cultivation of a broad diversity of crops.

  • Reliable acquisition, processing and analysis of local weather data
  • Tailored to various applications such as agriculture, fruit and vegetable growing
  • Can be used in all climates
  • Wireless, solar-powered monitoring stations
  • Modular construction using various sensors
  • Data access in real time via web or mobile apps


  • Analysis of the local microclimate
  • Individual evaluation of the collected information for decision support indicators
  • Calculation of different disease models for more than 35 crop types
  • , the location can be varied depending on the degree of ripeness of the crop type.

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Application areas

Agricultural sector

  • Viticulture, fruit growing, berries, asparagus, potatoes, vegetables, cereals
    • Plant protection warning
    • Insect warning
    • Frost and heat monitor
    • Irrigation management
    • Greenhouse automation
    • Plant physiological measurements
    • High-resolution remote image monitoring
    • Microclimate forecast with local rainfall and temperature values
    • Wireless automation of services


  • Climate research
  • Global warming
  • Efficacy studies
  • Soil analyses


  • Measurement of all relevant meteorological parameters in all climate zones


  • Flood and drought monitoring
  • Well and water level monitoring

Wind and solar industry

  • Site assessment study
  • Continuous monitoring

Mobile monitoring on vehicles

  • Information on spraying conditions
  • Logistical data

Storage control

  • Continuous measurement of temperature and other relevant parameters for monitoring stock

Soil analysis

  • Mobile nutrient laboratory for efficient on-site tests

Main functionalities

Soil moisture and irrigation management

  • Determination of volumetric water content
    • How does the water from rainfall or irrigation move along the vertical soil profile?
    • What part of the roots is moistened and how quickly?
    • Is water lost through deep seepage?
  • Determination of the suction tension (suction capacity) of the soil -> tensiometric value
    • How much water is available to the plants?
    • How much force does the root system use to draw water out of the soil?
  • Option of special sensors also for soil-less applications or potted plants

Local weather data and weather forecasts

  • Recording and analysis of the information on relative humidity, air temperature, soil temperature and object temperature
  • Calculation of the dew point
  • Measurement of precipitation
  • Measurement of solar radiation
  • Recording of information on wind direction and wind speed
    • including wind peaks in the high measuring range and speeds in the low sector for roofed open spaces


  • One-time simple installation of the monitoring station
  • Data acquisition and forwarding to the web portal is carried out automatically via built-in sensors and a GSM interface.
  • Data is automatically prepared in the portal
    • Manual intervention by the user is not necessary

Insect monitoring

  • Location proximity (area and crop type related) installation of the insect traps
  • Permanent possibility of monitoring by using camera technology in predefined cycles
  • Access to recorded information at any time via the web portal
  • On-site observation of insect traps no longer necessary

Disease models

  • Decision support for farmers through targeted use of calculation models
    • Models are mathematical descriptions of the interaction of environment, host plant and pathogens
  • Models can calculate the risk and infection progression of a disease and its severity
  • More than 80 disease models for more than 35 different crops are supported in total
  • Precise prediction of infections within a few hours
    • enables better crop protection management (reduction of the means used and continuous use)
  • Calculation models are tried and tested
    • In use for more than 30 years
    • Tested under different climatic conditions
    • Developed from international cooperation with research organisations and universities

On-site crop monitoring

  • Monitoring of the ripening process of fruit species in the field or greenhouse
  • Monitoring is by camera
  • Possibility of individual input of recording cycles
  • Images in the area of close-ups and overview images

Soil analysis

  • Comprehensive nutrient analysis even without previous knowledge
  • Samples are prepared and analysed directly after sampling
  • Measured values of each sample are assigned to a GPS coordinate and made available on the web portal
    • Adaptation of the crop protection management to analysis data
  • Evaluation of a measurement takes about 10 min.
  • Simultaneous analysis of several samples possible

Soil fertility

  • Determination of information on soil temperature, soil moisture (volumetric water content) and electrical conductivity
  • Results of the evaluation are the basis for fertiliser management of the crop species

LACOS – A committed company

Regionally, as well as beyond its borders

The philosophy of LACOS is characterised by innovation, sustainability, customer satisfaction and employee safety. The commitment to implement these guiding principles and integrate them into the company's day-to-day operations has been confirmed by the wide range of awards and certificates that we have received.

In 2007 and 2011, LACOS won a silver medal at "Agritechnica" – the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology – thanks to its innovative ideas.

The recruitment and securing of skilled workers are important management pillars at LACOS. Internal structures, processes and measures are always interpreted in terms of reconciling work and family life.

From the idea to the finished product – all development steps for the company's proprietary software products are carried out exclusively at the two German company locations.

After LACOS had been announced as one the finalists for the Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Businesses in 2016, the company was one of 30 companies in 2017 to be awarded the Medium-Sized Business Prize. 

The health and well-being of employees is an important asset for LACOS. Internal health management uses various measures to make work, organisation, structures and processes healthy.

LACOS was once awarded the “Innovative through Research” seal for 2018/2019 by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V., the German donors' association for the promotion of humanities and sciences.

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