Telemetry applications – manufacturer-independent. Cost effective. Robust.


From vehicle location to anti-theft protection – the collection and analysis of a wide range of telemetry and vehicle information is becoming increasingly important. Compact, easy-to-install boxes record the desired information in different fields of application at exactly the right time. The wealth of recordable data ranges from simple vehicle location and lane analysis through to theft protection and geo-fencing.

LACOS offers reliable and robust telemetry solutions with the LC:TRACKER product range. Our customers receive their individual package of hardware and software components, which is specially tailored to their requirements.

  • Mobile GPS units for the acquisition, processing and evaluation of vehicle information
  • Automatic data acquisition individually adjusted
  • Wireless data acquisition takes place directly on site at the machinery
  • Data transmission via GSM interface
  • Achievement of the obligation to provide proof for at least 3 years (5 years possible if necessary)
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Functionality independent of manufacturer or machinery type
  • Problem-free change of the place of use of the units


  • Functionality and selection of different telemetry units adapted to customer-specific requirements
  • Functions around the logbook, anti-theft protection, vehicle location, time recording
  • Variable unit locations
  • Easy installation and instruction directly on site

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Application areas

  • Anti-theft protection and vehicle location of machinery
  • Recording of working hours, especially for seasonal workers
  • Use for vegetable crops, e.g. asparagus or cucumbers
  • Documentation of the work carried out in the winter road clearance service
  • Documentation of the work carried out in landscape maintenance
  • Recording of operating hours in the machinery rental department

Main functionalities

Working time recording

  • Precise recording and documentation of the working times of individual machinery or vehicles
  • Subdivision of the working track into transport lane, field working lane, breaks and stationary lane
  • Recording of the individual working channels
  • Suitable for seasonal workers or employees with low employment, particularly in the special cultural sector

Vehicle positioning

  • Detection of the exact position of machinery by means of a GPS coordinate
  • Location is carried out in real time or on the basis of historical values
  • Documentation of all recorded GPS points up to 7 years

Vehicle information

  • Acquisition, processing and evaluation of a wide range of information on the respective machinery or vehicle
  • Answering the questions:
    • Which machinery was working?
    • When was the machinery working?
    • Where was the machinery working?
    • How long was the machinery working?
  • Recording of the information at predefined intervals
    • mileage-dependent
    • time-dependent
    • direction-dependent

Driver identification

  • Unique assignment of which driver is registered on which unit
  • Registration and connection of unique driver keys via radio
  • Double registration technically impossible

Anti-theft protection

  • Locating machinery based on specific GPS coordinates
  • Geo-fencing determines the perimeter within which the vehicle must remain
  • When leaving the area, a message is sent via e-mail or SMS
  • In case of vibration, angle change of the unit or activation of the machinery outside a predefined period of time, notification is also sent via e-mail or SMS
  • After the first warning by vibration, angle change or activation, the vehicle is notified again when it has left the defined perimeter

Driving track analysis

  • GPS points with information on speed, time stamp and GPS coordinates
  • Generation of two different logbooks
    • Information acquisition at the beginning and end of the route
    • Recording of information at all recorded GPS points throughout the entire trip
  • One-time set-up effort for lane analysis
  • Data collection, transmission and provisioning are subsequently automated

Data preparation and provisioning

  • Web-based portal with user-defined access data
  • Overview of all telemetry units including the collected information
  • Collection of master data for each piece of machinery
  • Evaluation of the information according to:
    • voltage (battery, motor)
    • GPS
    • work channels
    • events
  • Provision and documentation of the information for at least 7 years
  • Export of the information in Excel or PDF format

Data transmission

  • Takes place via GSM interface
  • Selection of the best network provider available locally
  • Transmission of data in real time if network is available
  • Intermediate storage of data if no network is available
    • As soon as GSM is available, all collected data is transmitted to the portal
  • GSM connection in more than 27 countries
  • No roaming fees incurred

LACOS – A committed company

Regionally, as well as beyond its borders

The philosophy of LACOS is characterised by innovation, sustainability, customer satisfaction and employee safety. The commitment to implement these guiding principles and integrate them into the company's day-to-day operations has been confirmed by the wide range of awards and certificates that we have received.

In 2007 and 2011, LACOS won a silver medal at "Agritechnica" – the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology – thanks to its innovative ideas.

The recruitment and securing of skilled workers are important management pillars at LACOS. Internal structures, processes and measures are always interpreted in terms of reconciling work and family life.

From the idea to the finished product – all development steps for the company's proprietary software products are carried out exclusively at the two German company locations.

After LACOS had been announced as one the finalists for the Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Businesses in 2016, the company was one of 30 companies in 2017 to be awarded the Medium-Sized Business Prize. 

The health and well-being of employees is an important asset for LACOS. Internal health management uses various measures to make work, organisation, structures and processes healthy.

LACOS was once awarded the “Innovative through Research” seal for 2018/2019 by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V., the German donors' association for the promotion of humanities and sciences.

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